The Baron was kind enough to pass it along for our enjoyment

Warrington found a copy of a March 17, 1899 story from The Inquirer that details “new sweaters trimmed with green” and sent it to Larry Shenk, Phillies vice president of alumni relations. The Baron was kind enough to pass it along for our enjoyment. The collar is of a hue the like of which has never been seen this side of Ireland wholesale jerseys from china, and then, to accentuate it, there is a band of green running all the way round.

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Three words: Industrial strength margarita. Not only is Aqui the kind of place where you can imbibe a margarita that will have you doing the hat dance naked in no time, it’s one of the best places for awesome cheap food in San Jose. The food is the sort of flavorful, Cali Asian Mexi blend that you’d expect to find in a higher end type of place (think mango ginger chicken salads and Thai peanut chicken tamales), but the order at the counter style cuts out the wait time and tip money, allowing you to spend your dough indulging in the goodness found in their 40 types of tequila..

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