If you’re a girl, look down and there they are or will be soon

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What’s in this article?A New Stage in LifeWhen Do Breasts Start Growing?Getting a BraThe ABCs of Bra SizesWhat Size Bra to Buy?What Kind of Bra to Buy?A Girl’s Changing ShapeWhat’s the mystery subject? We’re talking about breasts. If you’re a girl, look down and there they are or will be soon. They are just two mounds of flesh, but they get a lot of attention.

Nowhere was miniature golf done on this grand of a scale until inventor Lee Koplin let his imagination run wild. Towering monkeys, the Great Sphinx of Egypt, creepy haunted houses, over sized fish and giant space monsters still stand to an era gone by. It was here on the shores of Panama City Beach that the windmill became part of mini golf, and the rest is history.


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