These idiotic fans think their boorish conduct is justified

“I bet I’m going to be jacked up,” Karras said. “I’m just going to try to play normal. It’s my last shot. But the real dream is to someday be brave enough to leave your kids behind, hop on a flight, and get to a place where the waiters bring you pia coladas while you lounge on the beach. You won’t need a guide to help you understand if you are on vacation. You’ll know.

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wholesale jerseys Lesson number one: if someone is wearing a Canucks jersey in your town, they shouldn’t have to fear going out in public or being attacked if they’re in a taxi.These idiotic fans think their boorish conduct is justified because Canuck defender Aaron Rome made a mistake. He delivered a late hit on a Boston forward who had his head down and Rome paid a heavy price, missing the rest of the Stanley Cup final. He’s not dirty unlike some Boston fans.What prompted me to write this? I just read an obnoxious commentary on a Boston sports website called “Being a Bruins Fan: An Open Letter to Luongo The Canucks”. wholesale jerseys

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