After the lunch, Clinton appeared with Pelosi and Israel at a

For a legal maximum donation of $32,400, guests could receive two tickets and a photo opportunity, according to an invitation obtained by msnbc. A $10,000 donation bought one ticket and one photo.House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel also attended the luncheon, but Clinton was the main draw.After the lunch, Clinton appeared with Pelosi and Israel at a reception to raise money for 10 congressional candidates from New York and New Jersey, including three sitting members of Congress. Tickets for that event, held at the same hotel, were $1,000 for the “host” level and $500 for the “guest” tier, according to a separate invitation obtained by msnbc.It’s one of the first political fundraisers Clinton has attended since her appearance at the Iowa Steak Fry, a major Democratic event, earlier this month.Meanwhile pandora essence, Bill Clinton canceled an appearance planned for Saturday at a Denver fundraiser for Colorado Sen.

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