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China Green Student Forum (GSF)

China Green Student Forum (GSF), established in 1996 in Beijing, is an organization that focuses on youth development in the environmental area. For more than 18 years, it has been working hard to bring together the government, companies, NGOs and youth to engage in action for environmental protection. GSF believes in the powerful role that youth play in promoting environmental changes in China. The main goal of GSF is to promote the personal growth of youth, help them connect deeper to the society, and cultivate youth citizens with independent thinking skills and the ability to take actions. GSF serves as a professional capacity building organization that provides trainings, workshops, and environmental protection practice for youth. It has also been building connections between youth and numerous NGOs. Currently, GSF’s work is focused on three aspects: Green Program, Green Power and Green Exchange.



Promoting youth development through practice of environmental protection.


Main Aspects of GSFs Work

  • Green Exchange

Promoting environmental youth exchange between China and the world, and building a platform of cooperation where youth can connect to the society (government, enterprises and NGOs). It includes the International Environmental Youth Exchange, and the Environmental Culture Newsletter.

Green Learning Time: held twice per month, it is a gathering for dialogue, sharing and learning about environmental issues that youth are concerned about.


  • Green Power

Promoting the concept of Green Jobs, including Youth Leadership Training, Youth Program Consulting, Youth Environmental Intern, etc.

China Youth Water Guardians Training Program: 3-7 days camps, where the participants experience self-awareness and deep connection to nature, while learning the knowledge and skills for water environmental protection and social investigation. After the camp, the participants will join environmental NGOs as volunteers for at least three months.


  • Green Program

Organizing programs for promoting youth environmental awareness and activities to build their ability to make social changes. A good example is the Water Environment Investigation, started in 2004. GSF has organized student groups to do interviews about the rivers in Beijing (such as Tonghui river and Chang River), and has set up the Water Testing Union with ten university environmental associations for testing local drinking water.

Investigation of the Beijing-Miyun Water Conservatory: the project combines the case studies of non-point and point source pollution with fieldwork in order to find a new reservoir protection model.


GSFs Partners:

  • NGOs

Institute For Environment And Development (IED)

Nature University

Yanshan Campus

Qinghuan Volunteer Service Center

Water Environment Learning Network

706 Youth Space

84 Mudi Youth Development Center

Friends of Nature

China Youth Climate Change Action Network

Institute of Public and Environment Affairs

The College Student Associations

  • Foundation

Global Green Grants Fund


Partnerships for Community Development

National Geographic Air and Water Conservation Foundation

Pacific Environment


Contact Us:

If you are interested in environmental protection or want to know more about what GSF does, you are welcome to contact the heads of the above-mentioned projects or drop by our office at anytime.

Office Address: Room 1-413, No.9 Building, 8 qu, Beijiejiayuan Shahegaojiaoyuan, Changping District, Beijing, China, 102206

Email Address: office@gsfchina.org

Website: www.gsfchina.org

Email: office@gsfchina.org

WeChat ID: gsfchina


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